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Bet on Good Foundation visited SiGMA Europe 2022

On November 14-18, 2022, we were honored to visit SiGMA Europe in Malta and present our charity fund. And we hurry up to express our gratitude to all people who didn't stay indifferent.

At the exhibition, we had a chance to talk about Ukraine, about civilians who suffered from an unjust war, from the total genocide that is taking place in the 21st century, in a peaceful and beautiful European country.

Our aim was to attract partners to support the residents of Mykolaiv and help them with the supply of drinking water, to feed together all those in need in Zaporizhzhia, to buy everything for our defenders who are now at the front, to help families who have lost their homes.

We appreciate the support of those who don’t stay aside and make the victory of Ukraine possible!

It was our first time at such an important event, and we are really grateful to gain new friends, partners, and people who are sympathetic to our situation. We hope for future cooperation, and we believe that together we can approach victory to Ukraine. All the raised money we are sending to those in need.

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