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Bet on Good Foundation starts cooperation with BALU Foundation

Together with BALU Foundation, we start protecting the Ukrainian sky from drones!

As you may know, civilians in Ukraine are constantly subjected to air attacks by missiles and drones. And not always, unfortunately, the Air Defense forces manage to detect and destroy enemy drones in time and safely since sometimes dozens of UAVs fly at us at the same time.

We have found a way to help our Armed Forces! We entered a cooperation with the BALU Foundation. With our support, the Balu Foundation purchased tracking searchlights, which are special optical devices to search and detect UAVs and protect peaceful skies effectively. Enemy drones will be easier to detect now.

BALU Foundation began its active activity in June 2022. During this period, the charity fund provided assistance to city, regional and district hospitals of Sumy and the territorial community, regional and district rehabilitation centres and specialized boarding schools, orphanages, temporarily displaced persons, children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, low-income citizens and to all those who applied for support to the fund.

At the moment, we were able to help the defenders from the cordon zones of the Sumy region. However, we plan to continue acquiring such equipment and help protect the sky over other areas of Ukraine. Thus, we are opening a new direction in our activities: diverse assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And we are happy and proud to take the first step in this direction!

We also want to note that we are open to cooperation. And if you have the desire and ability to help the army of Ukraine, write to us. We will be happy to discuss and share all plans and options for assistance.

We also express special gratitude to the TVBET team for their support!

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