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Bet on Good Foundation unites forces with Dobra Fabryka Ukraina

We are glad to announce that we are joining our efforts together with Dobra Fabryka Ukraina. Now we will work together to implement ideas and humanitarian aid projects for Ukrainians.

Bet on Good Foundation is actively developing a network of close partnerships with the aim of amplifying and strengthening assistance to people affected by the war in Ukraine. We strive to join forces with large funds and representatives of the iGaming industry to have more opportunities and ways to solve humanitarian problems in Ukraine, because hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were left without housing, work and even documents. And our goal is to help as many refugees as possible.
And to cover essential issues and provide timely and high-quality assistance, Bet on Good Foundation joins forces with the Dobra Fabryka Ukraina Foundation.

Dobra Fabryka Ukraina is an independent humanitarian organization, that was set up in response to the increasing humanitarian aid activities of the Polish-based Dobra Fabryka Foundation. The organization has been providing during last 10 years humanitarian and development aid to victims of famine, armed conflict, refugees across 11 countries on 3 continents.

As part of our initial joint activities Dobra Fabryka Ukraina and the Bet on Good Foundation intend to provide humanitarian assistance through the dedicated Bet on Good Foundation volunteer center, which our team organized in Odesa with the valuable support of our partners Gamingtec. Through this volunteer center, we will be able to provide refugees with fulfilling food packages. Food packages will include essential food staples, like cereals, pasta, food, vegetable oil etc). As a part of an organized effort, we seek to provide assistance in covering the basic needs of the Internally Displaced People and vulnerable groups, so that they can focus on such things as finding accommodation, jobs, looking after their children and caring for mental and physical health.

Vlad Slyusarenko, Bet on Good Foundation CEO, comments: “We are pleased to enlist the support of such a large and respected foundation Dobra Fabryka. We really appreciate the fact that we have managed to unite around us kind people with huge warm hearts, who have been working with us since the first days of the war in Ukraine. Of course, together, we are power, and we multiply goodness and help. We will keep you informed about our joint activities!”

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