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Destruction of Ukrainian civil infrastructure

The war unleashed by Russia wipes out cities and villages from the face of the earth. People lose their property, homes, hope for a peaceful future, and what's the worst - health and lives.

During the war in Ukraine, were damaged or destroyed:

▫️ 150 000 residential buildings, which is more than the total number of buildings in the city of Washington and twice as many as in Boston;
▫️ 25 000 kilometres of roads, which is more than half the length of the equator;
▫️ 344 bridges;
▫️ 200 000 private cars;
▫️ 16 000 units of public transport.

Also: several thousand kindergartens, schools, hospitals and museums.

The total damage to Ukraine's infrastructure is estimated at $144 billion.

Many cities will not have to be restored but rebuilt, such as Bakhmut, Vuhledar, Popasna, and Volnovakha. They are destroyed by more than 90%.

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