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Interview for Gaming International Online

Recently, Bet on Good Foundation's CEO Vlad Slyusarenko 🇺🇦 had a chance to give an interview for Gaming International Online and to talk about the humanitarian problems of Ukraine, the fund's plans for their resolution, and the help of the iGaming industry during the war.

Gaming International Online: Please introduce yourself.

Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to give an interview and talk about our charitable foundation!

My name is Vlad, and I hold the position of Chief Marketing Officer at TVBET. We have been cooperating with TVBET for many years. Just before that, I was engaged exclusively in promotion videos and design. And already last year, I was glad to join the TVBET team and start working on its promotion fully as a marketing director.

Considering that my joining the company coincided with the war that began on the territory of my country, together with TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko, we came up with the idea of creating a charitable foundation to help Ukraine. We both understand that we have many contacts in the industry, and our reputation, our knowledge and even the fact that we are both Ukrainians will allow us, on the one hand, to receive support from partners, on the other hand, to manage the project with high quality, control processes so that all funds go to really useful support programs for Ukraine and the teams working on these programs are involved in the process by 110%.

What is the Bet On Good Foundation?

Bet On Good Foundation is an unusual charitable foundation because we did not create it under the TVBET brand but under the flag of the entire iGaming industry to unite companies and create a really powerful and decisive flow of energy that can achieve great charitable results and goals.

The war in Ukraine is a colossal crisis for millions (!!) of people. Millions of families have lost their peaceful life, homes and jobs, and even entire cities. And they all need support. This is why our fund was created. Together with our partners, we are constructing the support - large, reliable, robust, and capable of helping thousands of families at once. We aim to help tens of thousands of families every month. Their troubles and stories are our shared grief, which we experience together and try to help each other.

Today it is Ukraine and its inhabitants, mothers and fathers, children and grandchildren, men and women. Tomorrow - it could be any other crisis. We are creating a platform now which will then be able to respond to any problem quickly and immediately protect ordinary people. 

Why did you launch the Bet On Good Foundation?

You know, it's impossible to comprehend, but the largest war in the center of Europe since the Second World War is happening right now. And the fact is that the war concerns not only Ukrainians but the whole world. And the iGaming industry has many opportunities to bring the end of this unjust war even a little closer.

As I said, the fund's founder is Petr Korpusenko, the founder and CEO of TVBET. The fact is that most of the TVBET team are Ukrainians who work in Poland or have remained working in Ukraine despite the war. From the very beginning of the war, Peter and the team helped the country in every possible way - they attended rallies, volunteered, donated, and bought helmets and body armour for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In parallel with this, we observed how other iGaming companies helped Ukraine. And we realized that it would be great to combine all the efforts and the help of all industry representatives and direct it to solve urgent problems.

Thus the idea to create a fund, Bet on Good, was born. Everything is simple, but on the other hand, doing all this is challenging. We hold on only thanks to the motivation that the grateful eyes of the people give us.

What can the iGaming industry do to help?

You know, the iGaming industry is a huge and open community that can influence a lot of things. An incredible number of people with big and sympathetic hearts are involved in this area, who, not only in word but also in deed, show their concern for the problems of Ukraine.

From the very beginning of the war, we have been surprised by how much the industry helps and supports Ukrainians. And we Ukrainians are warmed by the idea that we are not alone with the enemy and have friends everywhere, including the gambling industry.

Any industry representative can and is taking steps to bring victory closer to Ukraine - the same post with an appeal to support Ukraine on LinkedIn, a small donation to charitable foundations, a repost of important news, and so on. All these things are essential and give its result. Well, entrepreneurs and founders of gambling companies help with enormous donations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or create charitable foundations just like we do and help the country. And all this support and assistance has no end, which is vital. After all, the war is not over yet, and many people still need help...

For example, we are now preparing a "Feed those who need" campaign: for only 2,000 euros, the restaurant of our partners can feed up to 1,500 people a day with a complex lunch! Can you imagine how many refugees we support? And this is only 2,000 euros! For example, if we have 30 partners - companies ready to provide support for this amount once a month, we will be able to help people with food for the whole month, closing this need for them and freeing up time to find work and arrange life in a new city. Right now, we are engaged in a test launch of this campaign, and very soon, we will tell you about everything in detail!

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