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One year on: Ukrainian businesses operating in the face of adversity

We're continuing to share our five-part roundtable series of interviews with SBC News which brought together representatives of the iGaming industry actively helping Ukraine in such difficult times. In the third part of our panel, Vlad Slyusarenko, Bet on Good Foundation CEO, and other representatives are talking about the importance of investing in Ukraine, particularly in the gambling business, despite the ongoing war.

SBC NewsThere are a large number of igaming companies based in Ukraine, many of whom are still operating despite the circumstances. What would you say to remind stakeholders of the importance and relevance of Ukraine and Ukraine-based companies when it comes to current and future investments?

Vlad Slyusarenko, CEO of Bet on Good Foundation: Yes, against the backdrop of this war, many could forget that Ukraine is one of the top European countries in terms of the development of the IT sector and its presence in everyday life of an ordinary citizen. In our country, most of the public services have been digitalised. There is a large number of developed digital banks and a fantastic number of excellent IT services/applications that solve everyday tasks in two clicks. In addition, we will soon have the legalisation of cryptocurrency. Before the war, the government took several measures to simplify the activities of the casino and bookmakers in the country. And you know, it seems that after the war, we all expect an even more active government movement towards simplifying economic activities for citizens and non-residents; the economy needs creativity and speed.

Ukraine is a great country for business development, including gambling. Indeed, recently the market has become regulated, and the activity of its development is only gaining momentum. Setting up a business here is more accessible than in many European countries. Relatively low taxes and rent, a hugely diverse country where everyone can choose a corner to their liking.

But what is most important is that Ukrainians are incredibly hard working, courageous, and flexible. Only Ukrainians could adapt to the system of blackouts in such a way when in some cities, there is no electricity for eight to 12 hours, and they still manage to do all the household chores and work without loss and impact on their productivity. So yes, Ukraine will definitely not be deprived of the attention of representatives of the world’s strongest economies.

After this war, we have no reason not to develop and strive to become a family of developed countries. We really want to show the world how cool we are and how open we are to cooperation, friendship and mutually beneficial growth.

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