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One year on: What can the igaming industry do to support Ukraine?

Today, we're publishing the last 5th part of our roundtable with SBC News dedicated to the problems of Ukraine and its citizens. Together with other iGaming representatives, we raised vital topics and outlined how we can help Ukraine survive. In the last part of our series, we discussed such a vital topic as how the global iGaming industry can do to support Ukraine now.

SBC: What more can the wider industry do to support charitable causes and humanitarian efforts in Ukraine?

Vlad Slyusarenko, CEO of Bet on Good Foundation: You know, the igaming industry is a huge and open community that can influence a lot of things, really. An incredible number of people with big and sympathetic hearts are involved in this area, who, not only in word but also in deed, show their involvement and concern for the problems of Ukraine.

From the very beginning of the war, we have been surprised by how much the industry helps and supports Ukrainians. And we Ukrainians are warmed by the idea that we are not alone with the enemy and that we have friends everywhere, including the gambling industry.

Any industry representative can and is taking steps to bring victory closer to Ukraine – the same post with an appeal to support Ukraine on LinkedIn, a small donation to charitable foundations, a repost of important news, and so on. All this is very important and gives its result. Someone helped by sending 10 euros, someone by sending 100,000 euros. It is important that this support and assistance does not end. Well, our foundation is open to any initiatives and proposals!

The war is not over yet, and many people still need help… And your team is doing an important thing – you remind them of how important it is to help and support Ukraine. Thank you!

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