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Suspilne media about Bet on Good Foundation and its help to refugees from the Kherson region

Recently, Ukrainian media Suspilne visited our volunteer hub in Odesa and published an article about our work and our assistance to refugees from the Kherson region who suffered from the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP dam. We are pleased to share Suspilne's article with you!

Odesa volunteers from the charity organization "Bet on Good Foundation" distribute humanitarian aid to displaced persons who left Kherson due to the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP. The set includes the main products, as well as a thermos and a cup. The film crew of Suspilne visited the foundation on the day of distribution.

According to volunteer Tetyana, currently, 47 residents of Kherson have signed up for assistance. Among them is Mykhailo Dolgumov. The man says that he came to Odesa because there is no work in Kherson now.

"Everything was flooded; three districts were under water - Ostriv, Antonivka and the center. We helped people and tried to get out. I live near the coastal zone; the water did not reach my house and stopped at about 800-900 meters. My friends’ houses were flooded especially Chaikovsky Street. We tried to drive out some cars but didn’t have enough time to do it. We thought it wouldn't reach the yards, they are high, but it did," says Mykhailo.

Zinaida Shcherbovskyi, whose house in Kherson was flooded, also came to get help. According to the woman, on the evening of June 6, the water was already in her yard.

"On the sixth morning, we found out that there was flooding, my yard is at the level of the Koshova River, and somewhere around seven in the morning, more water began to flood us. First, it reached the ankles, then - the knees. We united with the neighbours. We thought it might reach the windows a little, but then in the middle of the day, we realized that the flooding didn’t stop, and the water was already in the yard by evening, so we couldn't even get close," says a refugee from Kherson.

Tetyana, a charity volunteer, noted that they help the refugees from Kherson with products. The set also includes a thermos and a cup.

"Today, we have a cup to make a mood a little bit better; also, we have a thermos like this. And the main products: cereals, pasta, flour, semolina, oatmeal, rice, oil and some canned food," said Tetyana.

To receive help, residents of the Kherson region who were evacuated due to the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP need to fill in an electronic form. Currently, assistance is given once. However, if necessary, you can apply again.

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