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Vlad Sluysarenko establishes the Bet on Good charity foundation - interview for Eplay Online

Not so long ago, we had an opportunity to give an interview for highly-respected media Eplay Online. We express our gratitude for this chance and hurry up to share it with you. Read the interview with the Bet on Good Foundation CEO Vlad Slyusarenko, and get all the necessary info about our charity foundation and its goals.

E-PLAY: Hello, Vlad! We recently heard about the Bet on Good Foundation, and as we understood, this is the first charity fund of its kind that unites all companies from the igaming industry. Could you please tell us more about how you came up with this idea?

Vlad Sluysarenko : Hello! One way or another, all this time, TVBET has been supporting Ukraine through the efforts of our team’s volunteering and donating to various funds. But with the escalation of the war, we understood the scale of the problems. This forced us to reconsider our activities and find another, much more effective support format. As a result of the study, we saw that within our market worldwide, there is no charitable foundation that would unite all gambling companies. There are separate funds tied to the parent brand, but there are no cluster-type formations aimed at practical and prompt solving society’s acute problems.

Actually, this discovery served as the ground for us to form the Bet on Good Foundation concept. We started to create a fund that brings everyone together, makes good strong, and is ready to solve significant issues.

E-PLAY: What will be the main areas of Bet on Good activity? Does it already have priority tasks for work?

VS: We are now actively forming a pool of first tasks. We will divide activities into areas and work hard with potential partners to draw their attention to specific problems in Ukraine. At the moment, we are launching a fundraiser for Mykolaiv and solving its catastrophic problem with drinking water. There has been no drinking water in the city for several months, and our volunteer colleagues have been carrying water there from safer cities all this time.

Also, we’re aiming to help the citizens of Zaporizhzhia. The fact is that from the very beginning of the war, Zaporizhzhia has been hosting a huge number of immigrants who were left without their homes, money, and jobs. Therefore, local volunteer organizations are trying to help these people in any way they can. So, we are now considering cooperation with a local restaurant that feeds displaced people and people in need for free.
Very soon, we will also bring the first vehicle for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In this way, we form all the following initiatives of the fund. We will submit each initiative as a separate topic, with a dedicated content block, presentation, etc. We hope that such a specification of the problems will help us to be more effective in conveying the entire situation to our partners.

E-PLAY: You have said its uniqueness lies in its focus solely on communication with igaming companies. Please tell us in more detail what this means and how your fund will stand out from others?

VS: We do not position ourselves as a fund tied exclusively to the TVBET brand. We are looking for partnerships with all companies from the gaming industry worldwide. We actively attend various events and see how warmly and empathically a vast number of people from our industry react to the topic of Ukraine. Recently, the founder of our foundation, Peter Korpusenko, gave a speech at the SBC Awards in Barcelona dedicated to the war in Ukraine. The hall met him very warmly and noisily; it was very nice to see so much support in the eyes of these wonderful people.

I’ll be glad to share his speech here:

Therefore, we will continue developing the theme of partnership with other companies to maximize the ultimate benefit for Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Our foundation has a council where a representative of any partner company can get in and, together with us, decide on the distribution of funds among projects. Also, for each partner, we will definitely do a marketing part to cover each of our joint projects with a partner, which will help to attract even more attention and, as a result, keep the issue of the war in Ukraine in the information field.

E-PLAY: How difficult is it to create a charitable foundation? At what stage is it now?

VS: That’s why I love our team, it’s for absolute proactivity. When we collectively decide on something, we do not see obstacles; we only see the goal. Indeed, it was not easy to create a fund, and we had to quickly understand a lot of questions that were new to us. But as a result, our foundation is already officially registered, by the way – in Poland, and has every right to be active.

We have launched and are actively developing our website and social networks. We are going with our stand to SiGMA Europe, which will be held in Malta, and in early November, we will make a speech about supporting Ukraine at the SBC Awards Latinoamerica event in Florida.

Now we are already actively negotiating with potential partners of the fund and with colleagues within Ukraine who review and help solve local problems in Ukrainian cities.

E-PLAY: How do you plan to attract partners to your charitable foundation? What representatives of the gambling business have already joined you?

VS: We actively attend various events within our industry. As I said above, in November, our fund will be presented at SBC Summit Latinoamerica and SiGMA Europe. In October, we visited SBC Summit Barcelona. We also began to actively contact companies worldwide and talk about Ukraine and its needs. Many are already starting to respond, and together we analyze which of the fund’s areas we can organize partner support for. And we are already actively cooperating with some of them, which we will talk about in our blog and social networks very soon.

E-PLAY: How do you plan to determine directions for funding and ensure that the funds or aid reach the recipients?

VS: In terms of directions, these will be well-defined topics – water, food, specific cities, repairing buildings, clothing for those who lost their homes, and much more.

As for the control of the distribution of funds, on the inside, this task will be handled by the fund’s council. On the outside, we will both ensure control on our own and involve all the necessary regulatory authorities for this. Our main goal is to ensure that every dollar we allocate is spent for its intended purpose.

E-PLAY: When are the launch and full-scale operation of the fund planned?

VS: We have already launched the fund and are actively working on its entry into the information field of the igaming market; we are actively communicating with potential partners/donors and talking about Ukraine’s problems wherever possible. I want to take this opportunity to thank your media for not remaining indifferent and providing us with your excellent platform in order to talk together about such important things.

E-PLAY: How do you think to what extent is the global gambling community ready to help and support Ukraine?

VS: So far, we see exceptional interest from everyone with whom we managed to contact. Everyone is open to communications and verbally expresses their full readiness to support Ukraine through cooperation with our foundation. I hope this trend will continue, but the main thing is to make words turn into deeds, and we really have the opportunity to support Ukraine and Ukrainians on a large scale and effectively.

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