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Vlad Slyusarenko gave an interview for SBC

Our charity foundation has been operating for a year now, and we are proud of what we have already done. Therefore, on the eve of the SBC Summit Barcelona, Bet on Good Foundation CEO Vlad Slyusarenko gave an interview for the SBC News team and shared our plans for the nearest future!

SBC: It’s been one year since you announced the launch of Bet on Good Foundation, and since then, the company has been incredibly busy. For those that might not know, can you explain why you created the charity?

VS: Hello, SBC team! Glad to talk to you again.

Yes, I’m happy to tell your audience about our foundation. The Bet on Good Foundation was created to unite the gambling industry and create a large and powerful charitable force. Together with our partners and donors, we are making the most powerful force of good within the iGaming sector so that, starting today and for decades to come, our market will be celebrated as one of the world’s most organised and effective philanthropists.

As you know, a cruel and unjust war has been going on for a year and a half now, in the very centre of Europe, in Ukraine. This is the largest war since WW2 and one of the largest wars in terms of the number of civilians affected in the entire history of wars… Many people were left without accommodation, work, and hope for a brighter future.

Eight million internal refugees left their destroyed cities and homes and were forced to build their lives from scratch. The suffering of our compatriots hurts us, and we do our best to support them in this most challenging moment of life. That is why our foundation’s first task is to help Ukraine’s citizens.

Today we are launching our international campaign – “iGaming Superhero”. I invite every iGaming company to wear a superhero mask and join the ranks of 100+ companies representing our market. The membership fee for this superhero team is very modest, but the result we will receive together will exceed any expectations. Together we can help hundreds of thousands of people affected by this cruel war.

SBC: Tell us about some of the charitable campaigns that you have organised over the last 12 months – how has Bet on Good Foundation continued to support Ukrainians still based in the country?

VS: Well, when we first launched, we helped pointwise where assistance was needed. Thus, we helped refugees and children in Zaporizhzhia, supported permanent and temporary residents of Odesa, and purchased special optical devices for Sumy to track UAVs attacking our country at night.

One of the most important achievements was the opening of our volunteer warehouse in Odesa, through which we began to implement our primary Feed Those Who Need campaign. The main partner in the campaign is the respected and well-known company Gamingtec, and we are incredibly grateful for their involvement. And the essence of this program is to provide those in need with food packages that are enough for the whole family. And we have already helped over 10,000 people and are very proud of it!

And we also got acquainted with the fantastic Dobra Fabryka Foundation, which is generally located in Poland and helps the whole world. But they have a “branch” in Ukraine, and we have implemented several humanitarian campaigns together. By the way, all these campaigns continue to operate, and you can find them on our website.

You know, the help will never be excessive, so we will be happy if your readers get to know our campaigns and decide to join us!

The full interview is available by the link

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