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Vlad Slyusarenko gave interview to Revista Casino Peru

Vlad Slyusarenko, CMO at TVBET talked to Revista Casino Peru about the challenges before the software provider for online live casinos and sports booking companies. Based in Kyiv, Slyusarenko also shared a word about the importance of supporting Ukraine in the current war.

One year ago, you started working as CMO at TVBET, what are the main challenges and responsibilities you have in the company?

The fact is that we have been going hand in hand with TVBET for a long time, and my team helped the company develop the brand. Therefore, I came to the company as an old friend, making integrating into the team and the industry much easier.

As for my tasks and challenges, my main goal is to convey the value of our product to the maximum number of new and current partners. The marketing team has already made a small breakthrough in this direction, but more to come.

In January, the company announced a new partnership in Latin America with Pixbet. What are the main benefits of this collaboration?

Pixbet is a popular bookmaker in Latin America, and of course, we are glad to have this cooperation. This will bring our product closer to the Latin American players and allow them to see new opportunities in the world of betting! And in turn, Pixbet is expanding its portfolio with our games, thereby attracting the attention of both old and new bettors!

In March, TVBET entered a distribution agreement with Golden Matrix Group. Which is the scope of the contract?

Golden Matrix Group is a well-known and internationally recognized B2B company that offers a variety of services for iGaming representatives, including gaming technology integration, scalable social gaming platforms, marketing tools and many other services. We, as a provider of live games, offer our games for integration through their platform. That is, partners who make deals with the Golden Matrix Group can also integrate our games by agreement.

At ICE London 2023, the company showed 4 directions which it’s going to develop and offer for integration. Could you tell us more about this?

With pleasure! Our first direction, from which we started our journey, is live games! We offer casinos and bookmakers to integrate our live games broadcast live all year round, 24/7. The advantage of our games is that they are based on odds and offer a wide range of bets on outcomes.

And the portfolio includes everyone’s favorite lotteries, card games, and show games! As for the next direction, Virtual Games, these are all the same live games, only pre-recorded. We have a vast library of recorded games dating back to 2017. Such games are suitable for those operators who have problems with the Internet in the region but nevertheless want to provide an excellent and exciting product to their players.

We are also introducing two new destinations this year – El Casino and Fast Sport. El Casino is everyone’s favorite live casino format with the Las Vegas atmosphere usual for players, and Fast Sport is an exciting format of fast-paced local sports matches that run from 5 to 45 minutes while having all the advantages of big sports!

After participating in another edition of Peru Gaming Show, what are the company’s plans for this year in Latin America? What is your analysis about the potential of the market?

Latin America is one of our priority markets for development. The fact is that Latin America is the birthplace of football fans. We offer a coterminal product that will also be of interest to those who like to bet on sports. At the same time, our games do not have seasonality, and players can bet on them anytime! A broad betting line with odds is well-known to sports fans.

You are also the CEO of Bet on Good Foundation. What are the objectives of the organization? What are the main achievements that organization has accomplished?

We created the Bet on Good Foundation, intending to unite the iGaming industry and work together to solve our time’s most pressing problems and challenges. That is, we want to accumulate all the good power and possibilities that exist in our industry and direct it in the right direction.

And first, we have dealt with humanitarian issues in Ukraine; as you probably know, the biggest war in Europe since WW2 is in full swing here. Now, we already have several major partners, including Gamingtec, to whom we are incredibly grateful for their help. We also opened a volunteer warehouse in Odesa, from which we assist all refugees forced to leave their homes because of the war.

Once again, I want to emphasize that our doors are open to all iGaming companies, and we will be glad to cooperate in any direction and manifestation!

More than a year and a half after the war between Russia and Ukraine began, could you tell us what it feels like to live in Kyiv today?

We seem to have become bolder and get used to the war, but it’s not so. We are still scared. Enemy missiles are constantly flying at our city and country, and every day can be the last.

We try to live, enjoy the little things and be at least a little bit happy. But the reality is different. Very young guys and girls, who do not deserve this cruel war, give their lives for our lives. Therefore, we somehow try to help them and the affected people through our foundation.

Do you have a message that you want to convey to the world about what is happening and what the world should do to help Ukraine?

I just want to say that a real and cruel war is happening in which innocent Ukrainians die, helpless citizens suffer, and children are illegally taken to Russia; no one knows where. The world should not put up with such evil. Otherwise, this evil will affect not only Ukraine.

And you can help simply – if there is no way to help financially, you can always talk about Ukraine on social networks, urge the government to give weapons to Ukraine, or simply put likes to the relevant posts.

This is already a considerable contribution to the victory of Ukraine, and any small help counts. We must defeat evil and injustice, and democracy and right values such as kindness, respect for the world and life, and love must reign in the world. Only then will we begin to build, not destroy.

Stand for Ukraine!

The full interview is available on the Revista Casino Peru website

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