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We bought food packages for refugees from Kherson region

As you know, a terrible tragedy happened in the Kherson region - Russian invaders blew up the Kakhovskay HPP dam, as a result of which water flooded many populations downstream. At the moment, people are being evacuated to different cities in Ukraine, including Odesa, where our volunteer warehouse is located.

We have promptly responded to the problem, and with the support of our partner Gamingtec, we've purchased 2,300 food packages, which will traditionally be distributed among refugees as part of the Feed Those Who Need campaign. But this time, we will make maximum contact with refugees from the Kherson region who were evacuated after this disaster. The first 50 people have already registered to get our assistance, and we will meet with them on Monday.

If you or your friends have suffered from the tragedy, we will happily provide you with a food package that is enough for the whole family for 5-7 days.

Please fill in the form by the link, and we will contact you!

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