Daily Hot Meals for IDPs

An extended campaign to provide vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) with a daily hot meal ration. This initiative is being implemented through several shelters in Dnipro city. The campaign aims to cover the basic needs of the most vulnerable population groups, such as women with young children, people with disabilities and the elderly.


Program description

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes and former lives. According to preliminary data, there are now 5.3 million displaced people within the country. Most of these people were left without means of survival, documents and housing. It is impossible even to imagine the situation they are in...

These people managed to save themselves and their families, but they left their jobs, kindergartens and schools, their usual daily routines and much more in their destroyed cities. So now, internally displaced people need to adapt to a new place, look for a job, take care of children аand raise them, and make at least some time for psychological and physical recovery.

We are confident that by covering the basic needs of Internally Displaced Persons, such as food, with the help of our foundation and our partners, we will help these people focus on adapting to the new living conditions that they were forced to face. That is why, with The help of our implementing partner Dobra Fabryka Ukraina, we organized the delivery of hot meals for vulnerable IDPs in shelters in the city of Dnipro.

The city of Dnipro was not chosen by chance for this campaign. The fact is that Dnipro, due to its geographical location, is laid between three frontlines: the south of Pryazovia, the Kharkiv direction and the Donbas. So now the city is a transit hub through which evacuees pass. Today, there are more than 300,000 Internally Displaced Persons in Dnipro. Some stay in shelters in the city, and some use it as a stop-over to travel further to other cities in Ukraine.

Bet on Good Foundation and Dobra Fabryka Ukraina support several shelters in Dnipro, hosting migrants from cities such as Bakhmut, Adviivka, Liman, Kramatorsk, Lysychansk etc. Providing these vulnerable people with daily rations of hot meals is a crucial step to helping them rebuild their lives. Daily delivery of hot breakfasts and dinners, thoughtfully prepared from local products, according to process charts drawn up by professionals, with the right amount of proteins/fats/carbohydrates for a person, in a specialized mobile kitchen, allows people affected by the war not to worry whether they are going to be hungry tomorrow or not.

In addition to the above, the regular search and purchase of products from local suppliers dramatically contribute to supporting and recovering small businesses and farmers, which is also a crucial step today.

Do you share our views on this problem? Are the values we are talking about close to you? Then you are ready to take part in this campaign. Let us know! We will be very happy to talk to you and answer all your questions!

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