Feed Those Who Need

A comprehensive program to provide refugees with complete food packages. This initiative is being implemented through our volunteer center in Odesa. The program's mission is to help refugees with their basic needs, such as food, thus allowing them to focus on more important things, such as finding accommodation and jobs, caring for children, etc.


Program description

Not so long ago, we opened a volunteer center in Odesa, through which we began to implement the Feed Those Who Need program. The program's mission is to provide refugees with complete food packages, enabling them to focus on more important things such as finding work and accommodation, caring for children, etc.

The city of Odesa was not chosen by chance for the implementation of this program. The fact is that Odesa is located in the south of Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived from the occupied territories of eastern and southern Ukraine during the war. This is a large city that can provide protection to these people and a place where work and accommodation can be found. Many volunteer initiatives have already been implemented here, and we decided to make our own contribution.

We studied the problems of refugees for a long time and came to the conclusion that we need to cover the most basic needs, namely food issues, which is the primary mission of the Feed Those Who Need program. After talking to hundreds of refugees, we realized that fundamental food problems prevent them from focusing on other things, such as finding a job, finding a place to live, raising children, taking care of their physical and mental health, etc. In addition, many refugees were left without documents since they hurriedly fled from the rockets that destroyed their homes.


Therefore, we focus on the distribution of food packages that are enough for the whole family. The package includes:

  • rice;

  • sugar;

  • pasta;

  • sunflower oil;

  • grain;

  • semolina;

  • oats;

  • canned corn;

  • canned peas;

  • soap;

  • toothpaste;

  • toothbrushes (family set);

  • hygienic products.

The volunteer center in Odesa was created and organised by the Bet on Good Foundation team with the support and active assistance of deputy Alexander Gorenyuk's team. Since the full-scale invasion, the People's Deputy of Ukraine team has united with the "Diya" Charity Foundation to achieve a common goal - to help vulnerable segments of the population, internally displaced persons, and large families. As a result, in 2022, a team of volunteers organised the packaging and distribution of more than 15,000 food packages, hygiene kits, and other essential tools in Odesa and continues to actively distribute this assistance among the population.

Also, with the support of Gamingtec, we were able to carry out the first distribution of food packages as part of the Feed Those Who Need program. That is why you can see the Gamingtec logo on our photo reports. This is the very example of an effective partnership when the iGaming industry doesn't stand aside and supports people in such difficult times for them. We are immensely grateful to the Gamingtec team for their humanity and involvement in refugee issues.

We want to emphasize that any support and help are incredibly appreciated, and we are open to any suggestions! Every day, refugees need our help and support, and we need new partnerships to carry out all our volunteer endeavors! So we'd love to chat with you. If you are interested, write to e-mail: hello@betongood.foundation

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