Aid Pack for DSNS

A comprehensive program to provide DSNS (Ukrainian National Emergency Services) with necessary non-food items. The purpose of the campaign is to help the rescue team with missing items that can lighten their hard work, as well as provide first aid to the injured.


Program description

The real heroes are not only at the front now. Incredibly important and heroic work is being done by the Ukrainian National Emergency Service (DSNS), rescuing and helping those who are in trouble. Every day, risking their lives, the DSNS team dismantles the rubble of buildings destroyed by missiles, puts out fires after explosions, and rescues children, women and the elderly from under ruined houses. Sacrificing themselves, the rescue team goes to the most dangerous places and on the front lines to save others.

Since Ukraine is now under constant shelling every day, there is plenty of places and points where the help of the DSNS is needed. But unfortunately, they do not always have enough funds and assistance to rescue those in need. That is why our Bet on Good Foundation supports and provides the necessary missing items to the Ukrainian National Emergency Service as part of the Aid Pack for DSNS campaign.

DSNS sometimes works for days on end without respite, sacrificing their lives, and we strive to support the DSNS and injured people with the most necessary things in acutely critical situations. We provide infrastructure assistance and non-food items, namely:

  • Basic layers supply: thermal lingerie, shoes, gloves, scarves

  • Torches and lanterns

  • Portable generators

  • High-calory ready-made food and snacks

Our ability to respond quickly and deliver food, water, basic hygiene kits, clothing, sleeping bags and other non-food items saves lives.

The Aid Pack for DSNS campaign is carried out in close cooperation with the Dobra Fabryka Ukraina Foundation. Dobra Fabryka Ukraina is an independent humanitarian organization that was set up in response to the increasing humanitarian aid activities of the Polish-based Dobra Fabryka Foundation. The organization has been providing during the last 10 years humanitarian and development aid to victims of famine, armed conflict, and refugees across 11 countries on 3 continents.

Every day, an incredible number of people need salvation. And we believe that if we ourselves cannot participate in rescue missions, we can try to help these people and those who save them in other ways. Today, more than ever, we need each other's support. And if you share our values and thoughts, we will gladly see you among our partners. It's time to bet on good!

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